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Coaching by Christiane Leuchtmann

As an actress, I have been on stage and in front of the camera for more than four decades. Since 2008, I have been teaching as a lecturer at acting schools such as "Film Characters" and "Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg" since 2008. There, I train that charisma and stage effectiveness are not just a question of talent, but a learnable craft.
Since then, I have also coached companies and individuals.
As a coach, I convey that this craft is the prerequisite for presence and impact.
It is about keeping an eye on your own appearance. That is why I work there with the camera too. In this way, each participant receives a clear, constructive feedback.
Because it is about credibility and authenticity. This is the key to the minds and hearts of the audience.

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"Christiane Leuchtmann looks [...] at every meeting what she can do. [...] She creates the evening spontanously from a repertoire of games and exercises. Here she again draws parallels to her profession, because there, too, she has to and wants to discover something new every evening - after all, the expectations, possibilities and reactions vary with the changing audience. So she beams at us, asks how it is going and what we want; then her head buzzes for a moment and the idea comes. One is comfortable." -

("Christiane Leuchtmann guckt [...] bei jedem Treffen neu, was sie machen kann. [...] Aus einem Repertoire von Spielen und Übungen stellt sie so spontan den Abend zusammen. Hier zieht sie auch wieder Parallelen zu ihrem Beruf, denn auch da muss und will sie jeden Abend neu entdecken – schließlich unterscheiden sich mit immer anderem Publikum auch die Ansprüche, Möglichkeiten und Reaktionen im Raum. Sie strahlt uns also an, fragt wie es geht und was wir wollen; dann rattert es kurz in ihrem Kopf, und die nächste Idee ist da. Man fühlt sich wohl.")